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What Is A Welcoming Ceremony?

A Welcoming Ceremony is a very special way of celebrating the birth of your child and welcoming the new arrival into the family and the wider community. It is also a beautiful way to welcome and celebrate an adoptive child into the family or to embrace stepchildren into a new family.

There are two types of Welcoming Ceremonies. One is called a Christening or Baptism, and the other is called a Naming Ceremony. The Baptism is religious, while the Naming Ceremony is not. I can also design a ceremony that combines both.

Married or unmarried couples, single parents and gay parents are all welcome! There is no pressure on anyone to explain their own spirituality or lifestyle. You may have your baby "blessed" at the location of your choice... in your home or other suitable venue like a hotel or reception facility. Some families even hold the ceremony at the beach, in a garden or park, or other beautiful outdoor location. Every ceremony, whether religious or secular, is unique and offers the flexibility to meet the individual needs, traditions and wishes of the family. I would be truly honored to perform your child's welcoming ceremony and am happy to personalize the ceremony using your own selection of words, poems and readings, or passages and texts from other sources... let me help you create a special memory that you will always cherish!

Fees will be based on location and type of ceremony requested. Please contact me for more information.